The Flemish government is focusing on sustainable housing through rational use of space, saving energy and water, etc. The Flemish government has also put in a greener fleet.

With the 'New way of work', the Flemish government wants to achieve more comfort with less total surface area and fewer vacancies.

Real Estate Policy

The Government of Flanders holds a great number of real properties, not only to accommodate its own departments and services but equally, and primarily, in relation to the social and economic functionality of and within the region of Flanders.

Architectural and Spatial Quality

The Flemish Government Architect’s team has to contribute, through long-term vision and in consultation with different administrations and involved external parties, towards policy preparation and execution of the architectural strategy of the Flemish Community, with the aim of helping to create a high quality architectural environment (buildings, infrastructure, landscape) in Flanders.

Facility Management

For what concerns facility management, the entities of the Government of Flanders can call upon 'Het Facilitair Bedrijf' that ensures that other services of the Government of Flanders can fully concentrate on their core assignments.