Process Management


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Process management is the continuous improvement of processes in order to achieve more effective results in an efficient way within a framework of constant internal and external changes.

Process management links components within and between organisations, such as business continuity management, information management, regulatory management, risk management, human resources management, management agreements, ...

To that end, the hierarchically structured organisation adopts a process-oriented work method. In this way process management helps to organise the public service provision by target groups, services and products.

In addition, process management gives an insight into the organisation and makes the essence of a complex organisation visible in a simple way.


Within the Flemish administration, process management is shaped by the Vlaams Proceshuis (Flemish Process House), which maps the processes of the Flemish administration and shows how it delivers its products and services for the different target groups.

The Proceshuis encompasses four large components:

  1. Process analysis
  2. Process inventory
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Content for management tools

The process information enables a better understanding of the organisation and allows the administration's operation to be supported and optimised in a more targeted way. The purpose is for the administration as a whole to be able to pursue simplification, a target group oriented approach and digitisation.