Performance Measurement within the Administration


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Public Governance Departement
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Government organizations are urged to improve the measuring and evaluation of performances. Citizens and companies expect greater transparency, responsiveness, and high quality in the services provided. Furthermore, during the last few years, there has been an emphatic demand that the authorities act efficiently and effectively. Within the Government of Flanders, various entities have worked out a performance measurement and evaluation system. Some systems are geared towards monitoring the policy objectives, while others make it possible to follow up the entire operating chain (all projects and processes, coupled to policy and organizational objectives) within the entity.

Business Information Government of Flanders

The program ‘Business Information Government of Flanders’ aims at offering integrated information for, about, and by the Government of Flanders.

It offers information about the following themes: personnel, organization, public real estate, facilities management, ICT, e-government, public procurement and regulatory management.

The advantages are:

  • Accountability of the authorities towards society;
  • Greater transparency in the conduct of the business in order to evolve into a more qualitative administration that is oriented towards realizing its objectives;
  • Better internal and external benchmarking;
  • Working towards a more solid management foundation and horizontal policy;
  • A more efficient and effective deployment and employment of people and (ICT) resources.

The information is offered through a single point of access for business information. The Business Information Government of Flanders portal (in Dutch) is accessible for everyone. The ‘regular’ internet site and the BI-tools are integrated into this portal.

The portal enables the management, members of parliament, the Government of Flanders and other stakeholders to continuously follow up the key indicators about the internal operations and, receive an up-to-date overview of e.g. its HR complement, its real estate, car fleet, ICT assets,… Hence, the manager is able to visually compare the score of his own entity with the scores of other entities (benchmarking). The information that is provided is updated on a regularly basis.

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Good practices

Managing objectives and results

The Department of Public Governance and the Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family were present at the 5th CAF Users' Event at the end of September 2012. Together they presented their vision and experience on managing targets and measuring impact. The presenters focused on three points:
  • Ensure coherence between policy and management objectives, financial objectives and objectives of the individual employees;
  • Make use of a user-friendly performance measurement system to monitor all the goals;
  • Measure the impact of the goals and projects and adjust where and when necessary.

Concrete examples from daily practice made their story tangible for the public. You can find the presentations and pictures from the 5th CAF Users’ Event here.

Monitoring objectives (MODO)

MODO is a dashboard in Cognos Metrics Manager that enables an integrated follow-up of, and a reporting about, objectives and performance results. It is especially management that makes use of it to plan, implement, and evaluate key assignments and commissions and, if necessary, to adjust them. All staff members have access to the system and are thus able to monitor and follow-up their own objectives and the objectives of the organization.