Day in, day out, the Flemish government aims to realize its mission and goals. To facilitate the realization of these goals, the Flemish government developed a policy about organizational development.

Strategic Planning

The Government of Flanders has within the context of its Better Administrative Policy opted in favour of a results-oriented planning model. The model adopts as starting principle the introduction of delineated responsibilities and a political-administrative cooperative model geared towards the conversion of political priorities into effective policy.

Performance Measurement within the Administration

Within the Government of Flanders, various entities have worked out a performance measurement and evaluation system. Some systems are geared towards monitoring the policy objectives, while others make it possible to follow up the entire operating chain (all projects and processes, coupled to policy and organizational objectives) within the entity.

Process Management

Process management covers all of the coordinated activities that are oriented towards the efficient and effective establishment and set-up, execution, management, and improvement of the business processes.

Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management (BCM) is an important element of proper business operations. BCM forms a part of setting up a system of internal controls and lies embedded in the daily workings of an organization, just like the other elements of the internal control (audit) system.