The Government of Flanders is pursuing the development of an integrated and effective integrity policy. A consistent and consequent integrity policy is, indeed, bound to positively influence the trust and confidence of citizens and companies in the workings of the Government of Flanders. The Government of Flanders fulfils, in the area of integrity, a role model function.

In order to conduct its integrity policy, the Government of Flanders is working on the development of instruments, manuals, and training programmes that can be of great help and a stimulus for employees and managers to perform their functions with the required integrity. One of these instruments is, for instance, the code of conduct containing the general principles, rules, and agreements that people employed by the Government of Flanders are expected to adhere to. An other important instrument is the ICT code of conduct which determines the values and standards by which staff uses ICT and which behaviour conforms to those values and standards. 

One of the main instruments is the central point of contact for reporting wellbeing and integrity issues. This central point of contact has a made to measure service for both members of staff (Spreekbuis) and citizens and enterprises (1700) to raise concerns regarding wellbeing and integrity at the Flemish government. The central point of contact registers and deals with the concerns raised. Thanks to close monitoring and annual reports, important imput is gathered to improve the integrity policy and instruments. The workings and results of the central point of contact is presented as case study in the 2016 report of the OECD on whistleblower protection systems.


Integrity coordinator
HR Agency
Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussels

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Central point of contact to report wrong doings at the Flemish government authorities

The central point of contact is one of the pillar stones of the whistleblower system that is in place at the Flemish government authorities and it is open to both members of staff and to the public (citizens and businesses, everyone who has a concern regarding the Flemish government authorities).  

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