For their ICT facilities, organizations within the Flemish government can use shared ICT and e-government services. Also for information management, there are shared services such as the archive storage depot in Vilvoorde.

Business & ICT Alignment

Within the Government of Flanders, the use of ICT is aligned with the business administration. Within the Government of Flanders, processes pertaining to Business & ICT alignment are supported by four cornerstones.

Architecture & ICT Security

The architectural framework of the Government of Flanders offers a structural dimension wherein the policy of an entity can be realized efficiently by means of generic and specific ICT building blocks. The reusability of components and the reiterative characteristics of solutions determine the strength of the framework.

Infrastructure, Platforms & Business Applications

The Government of Flanders is introducing a common ICT infrastructure. This common infrastructure will promote and ensure improved efficiency and lead to cost savings. Likewise, a number of different ICT platforms are to be offered with an eye on achieving maximum efficiency, manageability, and cost-effectiveness.


First and foremost, the Government of Flanders wants to introduce e-government for the purpose of improving the interaction between administrations and citizens. Informatie Vlaanderen is tasked with developing and underpinning ICT-projects for an accessible, demand-driven, simplified and integrated public service.

Information & Knowledge Management

The policy plan 'Agains Digital Alzheimer's' is aimed at assuring the sustainability and easy access to consultation procedures with reference to the digital administrative documents of the Government of Flanders.