HR Policy

The Government of Flanders conducts an integrated and sustainable HR policy oriented towards the realisation of its strategic objectives and whereby the emphasis is on attracting, developing, and retaining the (scarce) talent. In this process, attention is being devoted to social and societal accountability with due regard also to cost-consciousness and employability.

The Government of Flanders aims – via the key project ‘Modern HR Policy' to realize its strategic vision by means of five HR objectives: mobility, employability, employee reward policy, labor organization, and leadership.

In the process, a number of important starting principles are advanced as prime considerations:

  • the ‘more and better with less’ principle (creating policy scope for new activities and services by using fewer resources while continuing the investment in human capital);
  • concentrating maximum focus and effort on the key tasks as established by the Government of Flanders and cutting down on management support functions;
  • fostering talent;
  • the cultural transposition from a rule and regulation-focused culture towards a culture wherein cooperation and human resource management in combination with result and solution-orientation are central factors.

The complete HR cycle within the Government of Flanders will be screened on the basis of this vision and the set of instruments and mechanisms in the HR Policy (inclusive of regulations and IT support) will, where necessary, be adjusted and upgraded.

Within this strategy-oriented human resource policy, the entities need to be given proper scope for the development of their own HR policy planning, and this in keeping with the HR strategy established by the Government of Flanders. The HR instruments need to be put to use in such a manner as to optimally contribute to the realisation of own strategic ambitions.


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