Facts & Figures 2014

‘Spreekbuis’, the point of contact for staff members

The results and figures of 2014 are very similar to those of 2013: in 2014 Spreekbuis received 87 cases which is only slightly less than in 2013 and might be due to the new scope. In 2013 Spreekbuis was offered for free to all the entities of the Flemish government authorities, whereas in 2014 it was a service offered to the entities that also make use of the services for prevention or that have paid a contribution to make use of Spreekbuis.

These 87 cases included 9 information requests and 78 reports that had to be further investigated and dealt with. In 2014 Spreekbuis received 91 telephone calls and 183 email reports. 

Although only 46% of callers in 2014 indicated that Spreekbuis was the first channel they turned to, versus 60% in 2013, the service was ranked better than in 2013: the average score in 2014 was 4.18 on a scale of 5, compared with 4.02 in 2013.

Like in 2013 most reports that Spreekbuis received, pertained to well-being at work (84.6%). 12.8 % of the reports related to integrity issues and 2.6% of the reports dealt with issues in the private life of employees. In 2014, the issue that was most reported  was ‘bullying’,  followed by ‘conflicts’ and concerns regarding yearly appraisals.

1700, the point of contact for members of the public

In 2014, 1700 received reports from the general public on integrity and well-being issues regarding different levels of government in Flanders:

  • 20 reports related to the Flemish government authorities (18 on integrity and 2 on well-being)
  • 4 reports related to the federal government (3 on integrity and 1 on well-being)
  • 13 reports related to local governments (12 on integrity and 1 on well-being).

Next to the reports on the different government authorities, 1700 also received 111 reports on integrity and well-being issues at schools and 15 at the workplace in the private sector.

1700 is a well-known contact point for all questions that the general public might have regarding the services of the Flemish government authorities

In 2014, 1700 received 1,042,708 contacts in total:

  • 988,588 telephone calls
  • 43,899 emails
  • and 10,221 chat sessions.

This data and information constitute important input for continuous improvement and development of the overall policy but also for instruments and initiatives to enhance integrity and well-being in the workplace.