Facts & Figures 2013

‘Spreekbuis’, the point of contact for staff members

Establishing Spreekbuis, as central point of contact for staff members for reports on issues of well-being and integrity, not only achieved its goals, it surpassed them. From the start of the project three rather ambitious goals were determined:

1. Double the number of reports/cases received by Spreekbuis. In 2012 Spreekbuis received 45 cases, in 2013, after the renewal of Spreekbuis and its improved services, it had received 93 cases. 

2. As part of the renewal and improvement of the services of Spreekbuis, a client satisfaction survey was introduced. Every person who contacted Spreekbuis was invited to fill out a short survey to measure client satisfaction. Following the introduction of a client satisfaction survey, the goal was to achieve an average score of 4 out of 5 was received for client satisfaction. After the first year of the renewed services of Spreekbuis the average score on the client satisfaction survey was 4.02 out of 5.       


3. Render Spreekbuis the go-to point of contact to report issues of integrity and well-being at work. This goal was also met: 60% of the people who had contacted Spreekbuis and who filled out the client satisfaction survey indicated that Spreekbuis was the first channel they had used to file a report. Most of them also knew Spreekbuis thanks to the communications campaign.

In 2013, 86% of these reports concerned well-being at work, 12% concerned integrity and 2% were related to personal issues of employees. The issues that were reported on most were: conflicts at the workplace, bullying and yearly appraisals.

1700, the point of contact for members of the public

In 2013, 1700 registered 42 reports by citizens, businesses and organizations on integrity and well-being concerning the different levels of government. 27 of these reports were related to issues concerning the Flemish government authorities (15 regarding integrity and 12 regarding well-being), 7 reports were related to the federal government (all of them integrity matters) and 8 reports pertained to issues concerning local government authorities (7 regarding integrity and 1 on well-being).

In addition 1700 received in 2013 142 reports by the general public on integrity and well-being issues at school or in the work place of private businesses. The majority of these reports were on issues at school (127) and only 15 on matters regarding the work place. The top 2 issues reported by the general public dealt with bullying, violence and other improper behaviour.

In 2013, 1700 received 958,901 contacts in total:

  • 917,293 telephone calls
  • 32,202 emails
  • 9,405 chat sessions.

For more information about 1700 (Dutch)

This data and information constitute important input for continuous improvement and development of the overall policy but also for instruments and initiatives to enhance integrity and well-being in the workplace.