E-publication of government contracts (e-notification)

E-notification provides the necessary functionality to the contracting government in order to draft electronic notices and support documentation (specifications, forms etc). Such electronic documentation is generated to comply with existing standards and is published on several publications sites.

During the preparation of their publication on e-notification, the contracting government can also decide to activate the use of e-tendering which supports the submission of electronic tenders and the electronic opening.

Since the spring of 2009, most entities of the Flemish government have been making use of the electronic publication platform known as e-notification. All government contracts, orders and commissions above the European threshold values are visible on this platform. As from 1 January 2011, e-notification is the official national publication platform. Companies can find all the Belgian public procurement notices on this platform.

In this online platform, everybody can gather information (preliminary contract notices, contract notices and contract award notices) about on-going public procurements.

For government contracts which are lower in value than the European threshold (more specific negotiation without full formal publication), Free market - a submenu within the e-notification package - offers the contracting government body the option of making the contract known to certain selected companies. Before this is possible, interested companies must first register in Free market and post their company profile, so that the contracting government body knows which players come into consideration for the contract on offer.