Diversity & Equal Opportunities

The Government of Flanders wants to be a model for all citizens and organizations in the area of equal opportunities and diversity. The Government of Flanders wants to reflect the make-up of the Flemish society and is constantly striving to achieve the proportionate and equitable representation of disadvantaged social groups within its human resource complement. To that end, an equal opportunity and diversity policy has been worked out.

Most action programmes are oriented towards males/females (gender theme), employees of foreign origin and provenance, and physically challenged employees or employees impaired by a chronic disease. Furthermore, attention is paid to problems engendered in the controversial area of sexual persuasion and preference. The Diversity Policy Unit is in charge of preparing, evaluating and monitoring policy. This Unit also offers assistance and support to the entities of the Flemish administration.

In addition, it works together with all the aforementioned entities in realising the objectives of the horizontal Flemish integration policy and ensures the exchange of methods, instruments and projects with local authorities. As chairman of the Integration Policy Committee, the Diversity Policy Unit promotes attention to ethnic and cultural diversity in policy preparation and implementation.


Diversity Policy Unit
Public Personnel Agency
Boudewijnlaan 30 bus 50, 1000 Brussels
T +32 2 553 49 65