The Government of Flanders aims – via the key project ‘Modern HR Policy’ – to realize its strategic vision by means of five HR objectives: mobility, employability, employee reward policy, labor organization, and leadership.

The program ‘Business Information Government of Flanders’ aims at offering integrated information for, about, and by the Government of Flanders.


22 May 2015

The Toolbox, developed by the European Commission, aims to support, guide and encourage the member states to build public administrations that will create prosperous, fair and resilient societies.

30 Apr 2015

Since June 2013 the Flemish government had 16 certified internal coaches to its disposal. On March 6th 2015 a new pool of internal coaches graduated, extending the original group with 21 new coaches. In 2014 173 leaders (from top civil servants to potential leaders) were coached, with the number of coaches increasing we expect to double this number in 2015.